ADVE2292 Design Lab 2: Denmark tourism office logo and brand guidelines
Denmark is a very historical country. They have strict building codes to keep up the historical ideals. The whole country is very bike able and some cities you can't drive a car through. Copheagen is a very popular destination in Denmark and its known for its colorful boats and homes. The people of Denmark are some of the happiest people in the world. they live by a code called hygge which means over all happiness and zen. Through my research I found that some of the most active viking establishments started in Denmark. I chose to go more in-depth with this finding.
I found these symbols and the writing of runes to provide nice imagery for a logo. A lot of the viking socity although brutal is very tradition based and honor based and that ideal has stuck with Denmark. 
Intresting facts: 1. the most active vikings were danish 2. Denmark is the happiest country 3. LEGO was invented by a dane
Final Logo
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