Members: Jillian Farris, Sophie Gorman, and Hutch Clipner

Client: Merion Village (Real Estate)

Topic: Promote this Columbus neighborhood to raise its awareness as an alternative to living in German Village, Victorian Village, Short North, etc. 

Audience: 21-35year old young adults starting their careers.

Ask: To raise awareness in an alternative neighborhood in Columbus. We want the user to explore the option of making Merion Village their home. We will be tracking Foot traffic to the site, Third-Party Apps like Zillow, Apartment list, etc. Social media followers, and Email signup to determine the success of this project.

Content List: 
Homepage content: 
-Welcome paragraph
-Neighborhood Photography
-Past vs present photography and Copy
-featured events- home tours
-Featured properties 
-Price comparison
-link to contact 
-neighborhood features 
-unique stuff 

Event page: 
-Extra info on events
We looked at our competitors. 
Final Microsite
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